Emergency Electrician in Canterbury | A Guide to Electrical Emergencies and Repair Work

Electrical emergencies can be very dangerous, so it is vital to fix the issue as quickly as possible. This requires the help of qualified emergency electricians, who will quickly identify the cause of the problem and carry out electrical work to make your property safe. But what counts as an electrical emergency? There are various issues we consider to be an emergency, ranging from power cuts to electric shocks, and in this guide we highlight the main types of electrical emergency. We also explain how our electrical contractors resolve problems at your home or commercial property in Canterbury, Maidstone or the South East, with services including fault-finding, repairs and fuse board rewires.

Complete Wiring Solutions Ltd offers a 24/7 emergency call out service, arriving at your property as quickly as possible with the necessary equipment to fix all kinds of issues.

Electrical Shocks and Obvious Danger

If someone has received an electrical shock, if there is a very high risk of a shock, or if there is an obvious hazard, such as an exposed live wire, you have a serious electrical emergency. You should get everyone away from the danger and call for medical help if necessary. If possible, isolate the power to prevent further risk and call our emergency electricians in Canterbury. Do not touch a victim of an electric shock before turning off the power supply.

If you have been unable to, our team can help turn off the power before carrying out thorough assessments and suitable remedial electrical work. Where properties still have old-style fuse boards without RCD protection, we can carry out fuse board rewires to provide enhanced safety against electric shocks.

Power Cuts

A power cut isn’t always an emergency and often won’t last long however, in some cases you may need to call our emergency electrical contractors when a power cut lasts a long time without explanation. This includes if elderly people are without heat in the winter or if a power cut affects vulnerable people.

If you are experiencing a power cut in Canterbury, check with your local electricity board to see if there is a local power outage. If there isn’t, the problem could be due to issues with your property’s electrical system, such as an old fuse box or overloaded system.

If the local board can’t explain your power cut, call an emergency electrician. We may be able to help temporarily resolve the issue over the phone before attending your property to provide a detailed inspection and appropriate electrical work, such as fuse board rewires, internal wiring repairs and identifying faulty appliances.

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