Electrician in Tonbridge | Keeping Your Home Safe

Modern homes depend heavily on electricity, but electrical items cause nearly half of domestic fires, and faulty electrics can also pose a risk of electrocution. Consequently, electrical contractors play a vital role in keeping your home safe. With over 50 years of combined experience, the team at Complete Wiring Solutions Ltd carries out a range of services to maximise the safety of your property in Tonbridge, Maidstone or the surrounding areas. This includes maintenance, fuse board rewires, installing utilities and general electrical work. Furthermore, our emergency electricians are available 24/7 to quickly resolve any issues and ensure your home is safe.

While many homeowners overlook the importance of professional electrical services and maintenance, it is the only way to ensure your property is up to standard. With regular training and refresher courses, our electricians comply with latest regulations and IEE and HSE guidelines. You also have peace of mind knowing all our work complies with Part P of the building regulations. The following are some of the key ways we keep your home in Tonbridge safe:

Electrical Upgrades

Many domestic properties, especially older homes, have outdated or unsafe circuitry, consumer units, plugs and switches. This includes old-style fuse boards which do not have RCDs – life saving devices that cut off power in the event of an electrical fault.

Our electrical contractors upgrade old or unsafe systems to maximise the safety and function of your home, with our electrical work covering everything from replacing plugs to fuse board rewires.


If you are having issues with your electrics but it is unclear exactly what the problem is, our electricians carry out a fault-finding service. This allows us to accurately identify the issue so we can provide suitable and effective repairs, removing any risks to your household.

If you are experiencing an electrical fault in Tonbridge or the surrounding areas, our emergency electricians are available 24/7 to carry out fault-finding, isolation and repair services.


Most homes have electrical utilities and/or appliances and the safety of these is just as important as your main circuitry. The electrical contractors at Complete Wiring Solutions Ltd install and maintain electrical shower units, ovens and heating systems to ensure proper and safe connections. Our electrical work in Tonbridge also includes PAT testing to maintain the condition of plug-in devices.

Furthermore, if you wish to install new utilities but have an unsuitable old-style fuse box, we first carry out fuse board rewires to maximise the safety and function of your home.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors and fire alarms are essential safety elements, quickly alerting you in the event of a fire. These systems are lifesaving, so you must make sure they are always working. For your safety and peace of mind, our electricians carry out regular testing and maintenance of alarms in Tonbridge. We also install new smoke detectors and fire alarms as well as other security electrics, such as CCTV systems.

Whether you require general maintenance or need an emergency electrician, we ensure all work meets current regulations and standards for the safest and most reliable results.

Please call us on 01622 296196 or 07703 780060 when you need a qualified electrician for domestic services in Tonbridge and the surrounding areas.